About Hifeast

Because of the busy work life, most people won’t have time for cooking. Consequently, they eat outside. They choose alluring fast-food every now and then. It’s not that they’re bothered about hygiene, but because there’s no choice. Sometimes, having gone all day without food, they’ll greedily eat whatever is at grab. Worse than that is they eat whenever they have time or feel like.

They say, “Eat breakfast like a king.” This is because breakfast powers you and gets you ready for the day. The fact of the matter is people who eat breakfast have more energy and stamina when compared to people who skip it. Moreover, they’re calm and composed. Unfortunately, most people ditch breakfast. But, in the middle of the work, if there’s a twinge in the tummy, they order highly processed foods such as noodles, which can be devoured in 5-10 minutes. Keep in mind, much of the nutritional values are withdrawn.

More and more people are realizing this and they started hunting for food that can be ordered at their convenience – online. For this reason, more online food platforms are becoming popular. But still, there are not getting what they want – homey supplies that naturally care for nutrition and hygiene. Ultimately, nothing is better than eating home-cooked food.

No such worries anymore! No more hungry pangs! Call HiFeast and order your favourite food – veg or non-veg, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We’ll deliver homely cuisine. Yes! It’s food cooked at home, by passionate culmination – housewives or men.

They’re hand-picked cooks from across Hyderabad, after their creativity, presentation skills, adherence to cleanliness, and most importantly taste are testified by our experienced foodies and gourmets, having decades of experience.

Besides all the aforementioned parameters, they’re obliged to strictly follow the below guidelines:

Why we are

  • Kitchen crew is neat and clean.
  • The crew wears hairnets or hats while cooking.
  • Other working rules and kitchen etiquette are followed.
  • Scavengers such as cockroaches, flies, and rats are expelled.

How It Works

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Hand picked & Experienced chef

Place your order

Select from wide list of homemade items

Track your delivery in live

You can track progress of delivery boy with distance, time & live movement on google map

Enjoy Food

Get your order in time & tastes the homemade

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